Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where are all the Gentlemen?

I have been a reader of Gentlemen's Quarterly for almost 15 years. It has taught me many things about food (thank you Alan Richman), etiquette, and of course style. Over the years the magazine has had to adjust to changing times, in both fashion and social norms. It is hard to imagine how a man in 1966 would have reacted to seeing Tyra Banks in an 'almost-there' bikini on the cover of GQ next to JKF, James Bond (the orignal) and Cary Grant.

And although some readers have complained about the increased presence of scantily-clad woman on the cover of GQ, it is easy to forgive the inclusion of beautiful women on the cover of a men's magazine:

But when Taylor Lautner makes the cover of my beloved GQ, a little piece of me dies inside.

If you are a 16 year old girl and have read all of the Twighlight books you are probably excited about July's cover model, but I for one am thoroughly disappointed. Gentlemen's Quarterly no longer comes out once every four months, but hopefully it can live up to the first part of its title. Bring back the Gentlemen.


  1. Well, in 1966 seeing Tyra Banks probably not too well. I was really disappointed to see Lautner on the cover. The kid has some decent style but I don't think he's paid his dues yet to get a cover. I did flip through the issue and there's some decent content but I'm seriously debating purchasing it. I do think GQ is starting to lose it's luster with what would be the traditional GQ reader. I think they should maybe do a supplemental zine for it's core customer. Something similar to Esquire's BB Book or what Vogue did with Men's Vogue.

  2. Yes, please, bring back the gentlemen.

    I was told by someone (supposedly in the know) that GQ started putting beautiful women on their covers, not to sell them, but to discourage the perception that GQ had a large gay following. They think the women on the cover make the magazine appear "straight."