Saturday, December 12, 2009

Canada Goose

If you find yourself in Montreal in December this is what you can expect:

In these conditions it is difficult, and often counter-productive, to think about how you look. When the temperature dips below -20°C the motivation to stay warm often outweighs all other considerations (style included). But not to worry, you don't have to sacrifice your sartorial integrity in the service of your warmth. Canada Goose, who have been making cold weather gear for over 50 years, will make sure you can stay toasty in style!

If you are planning a trip to the South Pole, the Expedition will serve you well:

But for more civilized environments, I would recommend the Chateau Parka. I bought one last week from a good friend at Style Exchange, and I love it:

It's slim fit makes it perfect with jeans on a weekend or with a suit on those cold work days. One piece of advice, you'll probably need one size bigger than you usually wear, as they are made small.


  1. This is so funny that you post about that today...

    I spent a couple hours...calling all the dealers in montreal for the expedition parka, in medium, in black or white or red...(for my dear helpless shopper boyfriend) We finally make our way to simons, the medium is HUGE. try on the small, it is HUGE. and totally not his style either...
    so we're sad, and he still hasnt got a winter coat. (3rd winter here...its about time to take actions)
    BUT, then we saw this guy wearing the chateau one, and we basically arrassed him to know where he bought it, and what size it was...
    we ended up in china town, and found a lovely grey, size L, winter coat for Joel...happy, and extremely warm.


  2. I spent all of last winter trying to find a slim fitting Canada Goose jacket to no avail, but the Chateau (which is a new model for them this year) was perfect. You are lucky that you were able to find the size you were looking for because the sales staff at Style Exchange told me that the company has run out of stock! I am sure your man will enjoy the coat.

    Thanks for reading.


  3. Hi, I live in Brussels and found one of these today bu could not be sure that it would keep me warm - looks very thin to me. Does it really warm you up?

    Thanks so much...


  4. Winters in Montreal can be harsh (-35°C) and the Canada Gooose has not let me down. If you really want something for arctic type weather, try the expedition...I don't think there is anything out there warmer than that jacket!

    Thanks for reading


  5. Hi Alistair,

    I bought a Chateau today! I'm sure it will be a warm winter this year :)

    Thanks for your response...


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