Friday, September 4, 2009

The $300 T-Shirt

It is always discouraging to me when I see simple cotton T-shirts that are sold for $200 and $300 dollars by labels like Tom Ford and Michael Bastian. Unfortunately, it looks like the venerable Italian suit maker Brioni is going down that same road. I discovered this disappointing news through an article from the New York Times entitled, Brioni, Suitmaker to Presidents, Adpats to Crisis. Obviously, it has become very difficult for people to justify spending $4,000 of their hard earned cash on anything material, let alone a suit. However, does buying a T-shirt for $250, that will last a year or three, make more or less sense than buying a suit that will last you a life time? One thing that I did enjoy seeing in the piece were the accompanying pictures of Brioni's factory and tailoring school in Penne.

Courtesy of the New York Times

If I am ever in need of a mid-life career change, I know where to look.

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